To ensure all of our safety we have put together a risk assessment please familiarise yourself with it before arriving for your appointment.  

-should clients or stylists fell unwell/ display any corona symptoms  please stay at home and contact the salon where you will speak to the manager.


- should any one living in your house hold display any corona symptoms please stay at home and contact the salon manager


- if you start to display symptoms of corona virus within two weeks of visiting us please contact the salon ASAP. 


- should we receive information that any clients that have visited the salon are infected or showing symptoms of corona virus all other clients that may have come into contact with this person will be informed.


- When booking your appointment you will receive a text message outlining what to expect when you arrive for your appointment.


- upon arrival please ensure you follow the guide lines displayed on the shop front regarding how to enter the salon safely, how to disinfect and information about your PPE which will be provided for you.


- the salon door will remain locked at all times and social distancing guidelines will be marked on the pavement outside the salon. 


- a maximum of 3 stylists will be working at one time with no more than 1 client per stylist in the salon at a time.


- the salon stylists will work in 2 teams to ensure no more than 3 stylists are working at one time. 


- 2 meters will be given between stations. 


- A perspex screen will separate the basins to ensure clients are shielded from each other whilst having their hair washed. The screen will go between the two sinks creating a shield  between the stylists as well. 


- The clients PPE will be provided by the salon and consists of 

* a disposable mask 

* a freshly laundered gown washed with antibacterial additive 

* disposable towels 

* disposable cups for drinking water

stylists PPE will consist of;

* a disposable mask 

* a visor 

*disposable gloves

all our stylists have competed an online certification in hygiene , certificates will be displayed on their cutting station. 

anti-bac soap and hand sanitizer will be readily available in various locations throughout the salon.




during lock down salon 262 has been completely re decorated 


-all walls have been painted including the outside shop front 

-new pavement at the front door to ensure wheel chair access is as easy as possible

-new toilet system

-professionally cleansed and polished floor 

-air con unit has been cleaned using a professional antibacterial cleaning solution (which we will be topping up once a week)

-total disinfection of all surfaces 


uring the working day 

- stylists have allocated time booked between clients in order to disinfect all hard surfaces.

- the salon chairs will be cleansed with antibacterial wipes 

- all washable equipment will be laundered using antibacterial additive 

- all door handles will be cleansed with antibacterial solution 

- basins and basin chairs to be cleansed with antibacterial solution 

- all combs, brushes and scissors will be de- haired then sprayed with pure alcohol then soaked in barbicide solution between use 

- all used masks and towels will be disposed of in an out side bin

- all clipper equipment will be de-haired and sprayed with antibacterial spray especially designed for clippers. 


-to ensure social distancing in the staff room breaks will be staggered otherwise a member of staff should take their break out side of the salon 


- no reading material will be available to clients

- please show up alone to appointments