Bio Sculpture Holiday Toes at Salon 262

Summer is finally in full swing and we’ve got our toes out like it's never going to rain again!

Having pretty toes is always guaranteed to give the old self esteem a boost. For most of us a pre-holiday pedicure is essential before jetting off to the beach.

We all have recollections of even the most expensive pedicures chipping or peeling and always at the most inconvenient times. What about when you’re mid-beach-holibobs and one of your new gel nails just peels off as if it's held on only by Pritt Stick?! The last thing you want is to have to waste an hour of your precious week in the sun running around the strip looking for a reputable-looking nail bar to fix up just your big toe, while your friends are relaxing by the pool with sangrias.

Salon 262's in-house make-up artist and nail technician, Valentina, offers beautiful Bio Sculpture manicures and pedicures. Bio Sculpture Gel is far superior to other gels like Shellac - which is essentially just a permanent nail varnish. Bio Sculpture on the other hand actually nurtures and improves the condition of your natural nail underneath. It is also stronger and lasts up to two weeks longer than Shellac. Making it perfect for pedicures.

Click on this video to see Jess's Bio Sculpture disco nails in action!

Bio Sculpture Gel is available in a vast range of different colours and effects, Val is skilled at several different styles of artwork, and can sculpture your nails with unique one-off designs.

Here are several examples of Val's recent work:

Freehand Negative Space black and white design

Bio Sculpture Nail art

Freehand Foils and Glitter

Freehand Sharpie Art


Bio Sculpture Gel Nails £30

Bio Sculpture Pedicure £20

Bio Sculpture Sculptures (Extension of nail with gel) £50

Nail Art 50p per nail

Polish soak off £10

Contact the salon today to book your Bio Sculpture Gel mani and pedicure with Val and show off those pretty summer toes!

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