Bio Sculpture Vs Shellac - The Quest for Healthy Gel Nails

If you're anything like us, then your quest for perfect gel nails will have led you to despair over the state of your natural nails underneath that are forever brittle and thin. Forcing you into the cycle of having manicure after manicure in a desperate attempt to hide your unsightly talons!

We're delighted to have discovered that Bio Sculpture Gel is actually healthy and nutritious for your nails. We’re very lucky to have the highly skilled Bio Sculpture nail technician and make-up artist Valentina on our team at Salon 262, who has converted us all and we’ll never go back to other gel nail gels, such as Shellac.

Here’s why...

Whereas other gel nail treatments require bonders and primers, excessive buffing and dehydration of the nail prior to application, Bio Sculpture gel actually helps the nails to grow longer and stronger. The nails can be reinforced, repaired and lengthened whilst protecting and nurturing the natural nail. It’s also free from those nasty sounding chemicals found in other gel products, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde resin and Formaldehyde (...hang on doesn’t that have something to do with embalming fluid? why would you want that anywhere near your delicate digits!?) If that's not enough to persuade you of its all round good egg-ed-ness Bio Sculpture gel is also 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.

As is suggested in its name, Bio Sculpture gel can be manipulated and ‘sculpted’ into intricate and beautiful designs. It is much more versatile than Shellac and other gel nail products that are simply applied as a permanent nail polish. The nails can actually be lengthened, reshaped, reinforced and repaired using Bio Sculpture gel.

As with everything in the beauty world it is only as good as the person who is applying the product. Intricate Bio Sculpture nails like Val's creations take a lot of skill. We highly recommend going to someone reputable like Val, all of her creations are freehand and it's a real treat to watch her work on your nails. Get in touch today to book your Bio Sculpture nails with Valentina - one of the most creative and skilled nail technicians in Cambridge.


Bio Sculpture Gel Nails £30

Bio Sculpture Pedicure £20

Bio Sculpture Sculptures (Extension of nail with gel) £50

Nail Art 50p per nail

Polish soak off £10

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