How to go from Dark Brown to Platinum

Going from dark to platinum, and all that's in between by Letty.

We're made to believe that celebrities transform their hair colour effortlessly, Kim Kardashian being at the heart of the ultimate "overnight colour change" phenomena.

There has been speculation that Kim wears two different wigs, one with re-growth and one without. As a stylist, I believe she did go from dark to platinum, but it would be impossible for her to have achieved this overnight!

In some pictures, there is a lot of warm/yellow tones to her hair, something all blondes can relate to.

Yes, Kim did go blonde but I assure you it took longer than one day and I'm sure a lot of Olaplex was involved along the way. It's well know that Kim herself is a true advocate for Olaplex. As you can see, she has also gone a lot shorter with her hair cut - most probably to save the condition of the hair.

Going from dark brown to platinum is very much achievable, but contrary to what the media might have you believe, there is no quick fix. Here's a more realistic example of how long it takes to go platinum or very pale blonde. This process took Khloe Kardashian months, if not a year!

Here are some facts you should consider before lightening your hair dramatically.

- Going from dark to light takes time and you may not like the in-between stages.

- Not everyone can go platinum. If your hair is too dark to start with, some base colours simply won't lift to platinum.

- Bleach is damaging. There's no two ways about it, your hair won't feel the same as it did. Although there are some great products that will help.

- You may not be able to grow your hair long after bleaching due to the condition.

By working closely with your stylist, being patient through the stages, using the right products and after care, you will be able to rock that platinum as well as Kim!

Use the correct home care

Our Kevin Murphy products are essential for keeping your hair healthy. Not using the right home care will result in breakage.

Alongside regular in-salon Olaplex treatments you will need to visit the salon to tone your hair once every 6 weeks to avoid yellow tones.

Wearing your hair in a pony tail regularly can cause breakage. You should also refrain from using too much heat.

It's recommended that addressing your roots every 4- 6 weeks is the best way to keep your blonde platinum and minimise damage. Leaving it too long will create banding of colour, as the heat from your head causes the colour to develop at different rates.

Regular trims are essential!

Platinum hair can look amazing when treated by an experienced stylist, so long as you're prepared to commit to it and use the right products and after care regime.

Here's an example of a realistic "overnight" colour change by Letty. The before, during and after photos below show the stages that Rachel went through over six months to achieve her perfect platinum.



Rachel's colour transformation took;

- 3 full head bleaches and tones with Olaplex, over the course of 3 months (one a month)

- One big hair cut

- Re-growth application and tone with Olaplex every 6 weeks for 6 months

- Regular standalone Olaplex treatments

- One summer in the sun (to lighten any warm tones)

Home care

Rachel used the following products by Kevin Murphy.

Repair me wash and rinse

Blonde angel wash and rinse

Re store treatment

Staying alive leave in treatment

Young again oil

Smoothing lotion

Before going ahead with Rachel's colour change we did a full consultation and I explained to Rachel how it would be a long road until she was completely happy with the colour, and in order to get to platinum she would have to live with the warm tones for a while.

She also understood that she would have to commit to regular salon visits to tone her hair and that the condition would be compromised, but the products we recommended (see list above) would be essential at maintaining her hair's condition as much as possible.

Rachel has always been very adventurous with her hair and so was prepared and willing to suffer the in-between yellowy stages to achieve her new look.

She assured me nothing would shock her and she was prepared and committed She invested in several nice headbands and headscarves to disguise her hair as much as possible which helped her endure the dulling yellow days.

After a big chop to essentially cut out all the yellow tones and some damage, it was all worth it in the end.

Give us a call to book in for a free consultation to find out what your colour transformation will involve and to start your journey to platinum!

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