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At Salon 262 Consultations are free and take 10 minutes

we recommend wellaplex with every colour service (balayage and on scalp bleach prices are inclusive of Wellaplex as we don't carry out these services without Wellaplex ) 

*All on scalp colour applications require a skin test two days prior to the colour service.

*Please note all colour clients will be asked to pay a deposit upon booking. 

Please note an additional charge may be added if extra time is required this can be determined during your consultation.


Cutting and Styling

Ladies cut with style - 60 

Men's cut with style - 43

Wash blow dry and style -43

          Teenagers (13 - 18) wash and cut with style -  49                       


Please note the foil prices are with out a toner and Wellaplex

T section foils and style - 89

T section foils  with cut and style -128

Half head foils with style - 99

Half head foils with cut and style -  138 


              Full head foils with style - 109

 Full head foils with cut and style - 148


Bespoke foiling with style -119

Bespoke foiling with cut and style- 163

(tailored foil service that requires more time to apply)


20 foil placement / Face frame along side colour

service- 35  


20 foil placement/ Face frame along side a blow dry - 79


20 foil placement / Face frame along side a cut - 95


Full head colour with style - 88

Full head colour with cut and style - 121 


Regrowth application with style - 76

Regrowth application with cut and style - 112 


Colour correction work from 65 per hour


Balayage including Wellaplex and tone

           Full head Balayage with style - 161                                                  

Full head Balayage with cut and style - 200

Partial head balayage with style -151

Partial head balayage with cut and style- 190 

Root smudge with style - 94

               Root smudge with cut and style - 145                                                                         

Full head bleach, tone and Wellaplex virgin hair

(using kind to the scalp and hair bleach)


                         Short - 166  Medium - 176                                                           Long/thick - 186                                                                                                                    


                       Roots (under 6 weeks growth) - 146                                                                                  

Roots (over 6 weeks growth) - 156       


Cut alongside bleach service an extra - 60

Colour bleed 

(semi-permanent colour over previously bleached hair)

From -66


Tone and style - 64 

                       Creative toner - from-35                                                                                                          


A bond perfecting service used on its own or alongside colour services to help stop breakage and strengthen the hair.

Wellaplex - £23

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